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Create Todos

Tickets are the universal tool in Wice to document and process all kinds of requests from your prospects, customers or partners.

You can document your activities here and create todos for yourself or other employees, who can then complete them and document this in turn.

This way all employees stay informed, nothing gets lost and everything is documented transparently and clearly.

To create a new todo, open the desired ticket, either via the Tickets module or if you know which address this has been linked to, by calling up the address and selecting the desired ticket.

Here you then click on +New entry / Todo and you can enter your text here - either just for documentation or as a todo.

Now select the employee to whom the todo should be assigned under Employee and then select the date by which the todo should be completed. If you do not enter or select a date, no todo is created and the entry is only used for documentation.

In the field Talked to you enter the appropriate contact person with whom you have spoken or need to contact. Here you can see the list of contact persons linked to the ticket. If the appropriate contact person is not there, you have to create it beforehand at the address.

Now click on Save and the entry will be created - if a todo has been created, this will also appear under Todos in the dashboard of the selected employee and a popup will appear if the employee is logged in - if not, they will receive a notification by email.