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Import Inventory Data

Here we explain how you can import existing address data into Wice CRM in just a few steps. You need to have them available in an Excel file - of course you can also import several files one after the other, check for duplicates or update existing data.

To be able to import addresses in general you need access to the administration!

Click in the menu bar on More and then on Administration and then under Toolbox on Data import.

Under Excel click on Select file and select the file with the address data you want to import. When the upload is finished - this can take a moment, depending on the file size - click on Next…

In the next step you can select the desired table, if your file contains more than one table - the number of contained rows will be displayed as well.

Now the columns contained in the file are listed and you can specify for each column in which field in Wice CRM the contents should be imported.

Of course, you only have to assign the columns you want to take over - the others will then not be taken into account.

Please note that when importing multiple categories, you must keep them in individual columns in the Excel file.

If you want to update existing addresses with your import, then activate the checkbox “Update existing addresses” and if you activate this checkbox whether you want to leave the existing user groups of these addresses unchanged or update them. In the last case you have to activate the checkbox.

You can also define the fields on the basis of which the duplicate check should be performed - both for the organizations/companies and the persons.

Set the criteria here - then you can select whether you want to import all records or just a few rows. This is especially recommended if you want to update existing data to check that everything works as expected or if your data contains a lot of records.

When all preparations and settings are done, just click on Start import and off you go!

The import will now be queued and run in the background. This can take some time - when the import is finished you can see this in the respective status and you can check in the log how the data was transferred or the duplicate check was successful.

To see if all fields were assigned correctly you can now look at the organizations/persons. The addresses you imported should now be available here.