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Data Export

Selecting data for export

To select the data, click on Organizations, then on the Actions button and select Address lists / Mailing from the menu.

The view of all already existing address lists appears:

Execute the data export

To create a new address list containing all the data of your contacts, click + New address list. Here you can now select the data. If you want to include all contacts in the list, then leave all filters as they are preset and just give your list a title such as “All addresses” and save your entries.

To export your data, simply click on Export at the desired list and you will be shown - depending on the amount of data, the creation may take a little time - the file for viewing or downloading:

View address and contact data

Now you can view your data and check whether the result corresponds to your selection and, if necessary, adjust it again if there are discrepancies and run the export again at any time. By the way, the address lists are not static but are compiled and generated anew with each execution.

Save or further process data

Once you have exported all the data, you can either save it as a backup, or edit and add to it externally so that you can import it back into Wice CRM or use it in another application if required.