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Here you can use our Connectors to transfer emails from Outlook and Microsoft Office 365, as well as the Outlook Synchronizer to synchronize your contacts and appointments with Outlook.

Microsoft 365

You can transfer your emails directly from Office365 to Wice via your Outlook application. To do this, you need to install the necessary addin in Microsoft365.

Installation: Log in to your Microsoft365 account and open your Outlook application. Then click on any email in your inbox and there on the “…” button for “More actions”. In the menu that appears, now click on “Get Add-ins” and there click on “My Add-ins” and here click on “+ Add Custom Add-in” and here select “Add from URL”.

In the input field that now appears, copy the following URL:

If you now select an email and call up the menu again under “…” for further actions, the Wice CRM Connector is available to you here. Under “Settings” you first have to save your Wice access data (i.e. the URL of your Wice server (e.g., client name, username and password). Under “Save Email” emails can then be saved in Wice CRM. You will be asked here, before the mask for assigning the email is displayed, if you want to allow the Wice CRM Connector to open a new window - you must agree to this.

You must be logged into Wice CRM in your default browser at the same time, so that the saving works and Outlook/Office365 must not be called in a private browser window, otherwise the saving does not work.

Via the Outlook - Settings you can optionally display the menu for transferring the emails directly as an icon at the respective selected email. To do this, go to the settings (gear icon) and there to “Show all Outlook settings” -> “Customize actions” and here under “Message interface” simply activate the checkbox for the Wice CRM Connector and then save your changes.

Outlook Connector

We offer you a free connector for the local installation of MS Outlook under Windows to connect your local email client - you can download it here for free:

Download Outlook Connector

Installation: First save the program on your computer and click on the downloaded file to execute the installer - now follow the instructions of the installer and start your MS Outlook.

Outlook Synchronizer

You can download Outlook Synchronizer here

Download Outlook Connector

for free and test it for 30 days - but in the basic version you can only create one profile for synchronizing your contacts and appointments.

After the 30 days you have to order a license key from Wice GmbH if you want to continue using the software. To do so, please contact us directly by phone at 040 4130350 or by email at You can see in the Synchronizer in the menu Options by clicking on the menu item “Info” at any time how many days are left until the expiration of your test license - you will also get further information about the release version and the variant of the Synchronizer in the displayed window.